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Man in orange ball cap on a ladder next to a wooden tripod on a platform.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Ladder Safety

How to Properly Use Ladders & Prevent a Fall

In honor of National Ladder Safety Month, we put together a list of safety tips if you use ladders on the job. If you’re interested in training your employees, Omega Safety Training offers OSHA Fall Prevention safety courses.

Select The Right Ladder

Make sure you’re using the right ladder for the job. You don’t want to use a ladder that is too small, or too big. You never want to find yourself reaching or standing on the top step.

Take Turns

Ladders are designed to only support one person at a time.

Move, Don’t Reach

Place the ladder as close as it can get to the working area. It’s always better to move the ladder rather than reach for something.

3 Points of Contact

Keep both hands free when climbing the ladder, and maintain at least 3 points of contact at all times. Don’t carry tools or materials with you during the climb.

Grounded & Secure

Make sure the ladder is placed on a firm and level ground. Only use ladders that have locking spreader bars to keep the stiles in place.

And, don’t place the ladder in front of a door that could open.

Inspect the Ladder and Repair Responsibly

Before stepping onto the ladder, make sure it’s in good condition. Do not use the ladder if it’s missing parts or unstable.

If your ladder needs fixing, make sure you go through the correct manufacturer to ensure the use of correct parts and proper installation.

Check the Weather

Do not use the ladder during thunderstorms, or even if there are high winds.

Are You Up For The Job?

If you’re feeling unwell or dizzy at all, avoid climbing a ladder.

Your safety is always the priority, so make sure you follow the precautions and best practices before stepping on a ladder.

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