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Construction worker in orange jumper directing a dumptruck as it backs up.

Preventing Backover Incidents

Preventing Backover Incidents: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 70 workers died from backover incidents in 2011. These deaths are entirely preventable. Watch our video to find out more about the causes of backovers and its prevention. OSHA states that it occurs when a backing vehicle strikes a worker who is standing, walking, or kneeling behind the vehicle.

Backover Incidents Occur When…

          1. Drivers may not be able to see a worker in their blind spot.
          2. Workers may not hear backup alarms because of occupational noises or dysfunctional alarms.
          3. A spotter assisting one truck may not see another truck behind him.
          4. Employees on motor vehicles may fall off and get backed over.
          5. Drivers may believe that the area is clear

Preventing Backover Incidents

  • Build a traffic control plan. Have separate paths for pedestrians and equipment, and visibly mark these travel ways.
  • Use spotters. These workers constantly observe the danger zone and at all times stay in visual or radio contact with equipment operators.
  • Make pedestrians visible. Workers on foot should wear high-visibility clothing.
  • Make vehicles visible. Equip vehicles with flashing warning lights.
  • Improve operator awareness. Operators should, of course, know how to properly adjust and use their mirrors to maximize their field of vision. Use of cameras, radar and sonar may be used.
  • Training – By training employees on the locations of blind spots and how to avoid being in them, employers can further prevent backover events.

We hope you enjoyed our backover prevention video. For more workplace safety news, tips and updates, visit our blog!

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Backover incidents in the construction industry can be entirely avoided. Read the blog below on preventing Backovers from

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