Pipeline Damage Prevention Training

Pipeline Damage Prevention Training

Texas is home to 431,997 miles of underground pipeline. In 2015, excavators caused more than 8,769 pipeline damage incidents in Texas. It is important for anyone digging to know where underground utility lines are located before digging. That’s why Texas law requires a call to 811 before digging to identify underground utilities.

RRC enforces compliance and educates the public on our state’s digging laws to ensure the safety of all Texans. To better educate individuals and operators on these laws, Texas811 has partnered with PEC Safety to deliver a unique training opportunity for excavators.

This four-hour training course, developed by PEC Safety, provides a basic understanding of pipeline safety principles as well as an in-depth look at Texas’ underground pipeline damage prevention laws as outlined in the Texas Administrative Code. Upon completion of this course, participants gain awareness of:

  • What pipelines are used for in the oil and gas industry
  • The various ways pipelines transport materials
  • Regulations governing pipelines
  • How to recognize and react to abnormal operating conditions
  • How pipelines are handled and installed in the oil and gas industry
  • Excavation safety
  • Appropriate safety measures and precautions

First time offenders may be eligible for a penalty adjustment after successfully completing the Pipeline Damage Prevention Training class.


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