PEC Safety

PEC Safety Courses in Houston

PEC safety is an industry leading safety training program to help bring workers home safe. PEC safety courses offer high-tech training solutions to modern-day work environments.  PEC has been innovating safety training courses for over 20 years. Omega Safety Training is a trained instructor for PEC safety courses, and we regularly offer a wide variety of courses for different types of construction and industry environments.

What PEC Safety Courses are Offered at Omega Safety Training?

We offer:

Many of these courses are accepted by every major and most mid-major operator in and outside of the US. We are an accredited, licensed teacher of these courses. Most courses meet the OSHA and BSSE requirements for their industry. Most courses require the completion of at least one written exam to verify competency. To learn more about PEC Safety Courses, select the course you’re required to take. Each course page details the course and pricing.