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Instructor Led Safety Courses in Houston

OSTI offers a vast array of safety training topics and accredited courses with in-person instructor-led, virtual instructor-led, computer-based and hands-on training options. With the ever-increasing demand for safety in the workplace, you need a dependable and reliable training resource by your side. We provide flexible end-to-end solutions that assist companies and individuals with meeting their objectives.  We offer high-quality, affordable safety training and customer service in a timely fashion.


While we are based out of Houston, Texas, we provide our services to companies in and outside of the United States. Due to the impact of Covid-19, many companies are evaluating how to minimize exposures when and where possible. With our virtual training and online training solutions we can further assist our client in achieving these goals.

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What Is PEC Training and Why Is It Important?


Petrochemical Education & Compliance (PEC) Training is a specialized program designed to impart crucial knowledge for safe and compliant operations within the petrochemical industry. This training is critical because of the risky nature of the sector. Even small mistakes in following safety protocols can result in severe consequences, including accidents, environmental harm and loss of life. 


PEC Training provides professionals with the skills to recognize potential hazards and comply with industry regulations. By promoting a culture of safety and compliance, appropriate instruction plays a crucial role in preventing incidents and creating a secure work environment within the petrochemical industry.


Explore the PEC Safety Courses Available Offered by Omega Safety Training

The PEC training programs outlined below are meticulously crafted to cover a broad range of topics, ranging from fundamental safety principles to advanced compliance strategies.

We offer:

This PEC training course offers the same instruction as the program mentioned above, except it has an added module for a Safe Gulf certification. 

A Safe Gulf Certification is a vital credential that validates an individual’s proficiency in adhering to rigorous safety standards within the offshore and maritime industries. It signifies that the holder has completed a comprehensive training program covering a broad spectrum of safety-related topics, including hazard identification, emergency response, environmental protection and regulatory compliance specific to offshore operations. 

The Veriforce PEC Safe Land USA Basic Orientation 2021 Training Course covers the fundamental principles of safety, including risk assessment and compliance, which are essential for success in the petrochemical industry. This training aims to provide practical insights and actionable knowledge so workers can identify potential hazards, reduce risks and cultivate a safety-focused mindset.

The Veriforce PEC Core Compliance program combines the most in-demand health, safety and environmental training certifications that oilfield operators and host employers require. By the end of the training, learners are expected to be proficient in identifying potential hazards and risks, enabling proactive risk mitigation and hazard management. In addition, they can use their expertise to implement industry-approved best practices to elevate overall operational efficiency and safety culture.

The Veriforce PEC H2S Clear for Energy course prioritizes safety in hazardous environments. The energy sector faces significant dangers from Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), but our specialized PEC training equips participants with the mastery to recognize, respond to and mitigate these risks. Participants will learn about detection methods, safety protocols and emergency procedures, preparing them to handle H2S-related scenarios effectively.

The Veriforce PEC Basic Pipeline Orientation course provides in-depth coverage of the foundational aspects of pipeline work, encompassing construction, maintenance and integrity management. Through this course, participants will acquire essential knowledge regarding safety practices, regulatory compliance and risk assessment that are specifically relevant to pipeline operations in the oil and gas industry.

Many of these courses are accepted by major and mid-major operator in and outside of the US. We have on staff accredited, licensed instructors for these courses. These courses meet OSHA, ANSI, BSSE and other industry requirements. All courses require the completion of written exam to verify competency. To learn more about Veriforce PEC Safety Courses, select the course you’re required to take. Each course page details the course and pricing. View the Calendar page to see all courses and dates available.

PEC Training Online Courses: Helping Achieve Excellence in Safety and Compliance Education


Experience a comprehensive range of safety and compliance education with OMTI’a extensive selection of Veriforce PEC Training Courses, now readily accessible online. These programs are recognized by major operators worldwide and meet the rigorous standards set by industry associations like OSHA, ANSI and BSSE.


Key Highlights:


  • Quality Assurance and Accreditation: Our courses exceed industry expectations in providing the information needed to excel in safety and compliance. Earning the Veriforce PEC stamp of approval ensures that you meet the rigorous demands of your profession with confidence and certainty.
  • Expert Instructors: Our team of seasoned instructors brings practical experience and expert insights to each course. Benefit from their guidance as they help you navigate the complexities of safety regulations, ensuring you understand the subject matter comprehensively.
  • Wide Range of Courses: Whether you’re seeking training in hazard recognition, emergency response, equipment operation or environmental protection, our courses cater to various aspects of regulatory adherence.
  • Proven Competency: The completion of each course is validated through a rigorous written exam, providing a tangible demonstration of your competency. This certification bolsters your professional profile and underscores your commitment to safety excellence.

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