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PEC Respiratory Protection Training

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Avoid the 3rd most-cited OSHA violation through required training

Respiratory Protection was the 3rd most cited OSHA violation for 2022. Per OSHA standards, respiratory protection is required when air contamination in the workplace cannot be controlled by other means. Employers are required to provide applicable and suitable respirators to the employee in these cases.

When Respiratory Protection is required, so is training. Training must cover respiratory hazards to which they are potentially exposed during routine and emergency situations as well as the proper use of respirators, including putting on and removing them, any limitations on their use, and their maintenance. Lack of proper training presents a safety risk for employees and may result in OSHA violations and fines.

Why Choose Veriforce’s Respiratory Protection Training course?

Our Respiratory Protection Training is the only 2-hour instructor-led course that addresses the standard training content as required by the regulation. Course materials include a Respirator Proficiency Checklist that can be used for the hands-on portion of the required training.

  • Standardized, industry-recognized learning means you know workers have received the content required by the OSHA regulation and material is presented in an engaging and effective format.
  • Delivered by authorized instructors so you know the content and assessments are consistent and learning is comprehensible and validated.
  • Training records are provided upon successful completion. Trainees receive physical cards and digital records that are stored in our shared database for easy access and reference.

Our Respiratory Protection Training course is only offered through our Network of Authorized Veriforce Instructors via in-person or distance-led training.

Course Components:

  • Introduction to Respiratory Protection
  • Respiratory Hazards
  • Respirator Types
  • Respirator Use
  • Medical Evaluation and Fit Testing
  • Respirator Care and Maintenance
Self-contained breathing apparatus.

Completion Information

Upon successful completion of the course and competency exam, all students are issued a physical and digital Veriforce ID card with their name, company name, picture, barcode, and completed course. All students are automatically entered into the Veriforce training database where your company’s clients and auditors can view proof of completion.

CoursePrerequisitesRefresherDurationPriceGroup DiscountsGet Started
Core ComplianceNoYes – Annually3 Day | 24 HrsContact Us5 or more
Core RefresherCore ComplianceYes – Annually1 Day | 8 HrsContact Us10 or more Request Training
PEC Safety Training

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By staying informed about the latest regulations and best practices, employers and employees can ensure that their workplaces remain safe and healthy.