Overhead Crane Training

Overhead Crane Operator Training

Course Delivery: On Site Instructor-Led
Duration: 4 hrs +Hands-On
CFR Ref: 29 CFR 1910.179

Price: $209.99 (per student)

Overhead Crane Training Course Description

This Overhead Crane Operator Training course was designed to cover Overhead Crane Safety and Operation. This course will cover OSHA, ANSI, and ASME regulations and standards that pertain to overhead crane operations and the safety of.

OSHA & ACME Overhead Crane Training Course Objectives

Upon completion of Overhead Crane training, the student will be familiar with, overhead crane hazards, methods of keeping loads stable when moving them, what to do in case of failed equipment inspection, hands-on demonstration of overhead crane operations, component of overhead cranes and their functions.

Overhead Crane Training Course Topics, Units and Dates

4 Hour Class Room Session: Est. 1-2 additional hours for hands-on use of equipment.

Topics covered:
Responsibility and Accountability of safe operations

  1. Management
  2. Supervisors
  3. Operators

Overhead Crane Standards

  • OSHA
  • ASME

Application and Inspection of Overhead Crane

  • Hooks
  • Wire Rope
  • Upper Limit Switch
  • Brakes
  • All Lifting Gears
  • Sheaves
  • Trolley
  • Bridges

Working Load Limits & Rigging

  • Warning Labels
  • Safe Working Loads
  • Center of Gravity
  • Rigging

Hand Signals & Safe Operations

  • Hand Signals
  • Safe operating procedures for Overhead cranes
  • Accident & Fatality Reviews


We also offer Qualified Lifting & Rigging certifications, and Aerial Manlift certifications. 


Delivery Method: On-Site Training.  Omega Safety Training Inc. will travel to your location to train your staff on your Heavy Equipment.

Benefits of On-Site Training –
  1. Flexible and Time Efficient
  2. Lower Training Costs
  3. Minimised Downtime
  4. Increased Productivity
  5. Consistent Experience

Methods of instruction include but are not limited to, lecture, power point presentation, video and case studies of various fatal accidents. Each student will be required to take a written test and complete a hands-on vehicle inspection and driving proficiency test.


  • Student Workbook provided to each student
  • Student Test & Test Answer Sheet supplied for each student
  • Pen’s, Hand-outs and forms provided for each student

  1. Grading and testing procedures will strictly follow Omega Safety Training, Inc. requirements.
  2. Each Student must pass each of the tests with a passing grade of 80% or better. Should a student fail the written or hands-on portion of the test that student will be required to retake the course.
  3. Hands-on portion is graded by maneuvers, with each maneuver have a possible 3/3 score. The student starts the course with a perfect score of 24/24 and for each cone hit a minimum of 1 point is deducted with a minimum passing score of 20/24 points equaling 80%.
  4. Students will be immediately disqualified should they display any unsafe behaviors while operating the equipment and the specified contact will be notified immediately.
  5. Any student caught cheating during any tests will be immediately removed from the class and our specified contact will be notified immediately.

Course Name Delivery Duration Price/student
OSHA Overhead Crane Training Course On Site Training 4 Hrs  $209.99

Get the Training Your Team Needs for Overhead Crane Certification

Mobile cranes and static cranes require different courses – because they are operated differently. Static cranes, which include overhead cranes, tower cranes, level-luffing cranes, have a set of guidelines determined by OSHA and ACME that must be followed and certified on a construction site to make sure workers are kept safe during construction projects. There are also certifications for rigging, mobile crane operators, aerial lift operators.

If you are in charge of ensuring that your workers are trained, you can talk to Omega Safety Training about your needs and we can help configure and schedule the required training – sometimes with online simulators or on-site courses. You take care of your people, we’ll take care of the exams, trainers, programs, qualifications, and certifications.

If you’re ready to get your workforce trained and certified for all your upcoming construction projects, talk to Omega Safety Training.

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