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OSHA Compliant MEWP Operator Training

Course Specifics


This training course provides instruction for Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) Operator Training. (MEWP Operator Training was formerly Aerial Manlift Training or Aerial Lift Training). It covers the current safety training requirements found in the OSHA and ANSI standards concerning scissor lift safety. It equips participants to safely operate Aerial Platforms and Mobile Scaffolding.

MEWP operator control panel



4-Hour Class Room Session: We estimate 20 mins per student per Aerial Lift for the hands-on portion. This time includes hands-on vehicle maintenance inspection.

Topics covered:

  • Definitions
  • Standards
  • SOP’s / Responsibility
  • Types of Man Lifts
  • Hazards of Personnel
  • Safe Operating Procedures
  • Operators Checklist
  • Inspect The Work Area
  • PPE
  • Maintenance
  • Case Scenario

Upon successful completion, students will gain competence in the requirements of safe operation and the applicable laws and regulations. They will be able to recognize and avoid common hazards associated with MEWP operation. They will also gain confidence in demonstrating proficient and safe maneuvering of MEWPs.

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Delivery Method: On-Site Training. We will travel to your location to train your staff on your Heavy Equipment.

Benefits of On-Site Training –

        1. Flexible and Time Efficient
        2. Lower Training Costs
        3. Minimized Downtime
        4. Increased Productivity
        5. Consistent Experience

Methods of Instruction

      • Lecture
      • Powerpoint Presentation
      • Video
      • Case Studies
      • and More

We require each student to take a written test. They also must complete a hands-on vehicle inspection and driving proficiency test.

Each student will receive:

        • Student Workbook
        • Student Test & Test Answer Sheet
        • Pens, Hand-outs, and Form
  1. Testing & grading procedures will strictly follow Omega Safety Training, Inc. requirements.
  2. At Omega Safety Training a passing grade is 80% or better. We require students who fail the written or hands-on portion of the test to retake the course.
  3. We grade the hands-on portion by maneuvers. Each maneuver is worth 3/3. Students start with a perfect score of 24/24 and we deduct a minimum of 1 point for each cone hit. The minimum passing score is 20/24 (80%).
  4. We have a zero tolerance policy for students displaying unsafe behaviors while operating equipment. We will immediately disqualify them and notify the specified contact.
  5. We also have a zero tolerance policy for cheating during tests. We will remove any student caught cheating immediately and notify the specified contact.

We understand each business has its own unique safety needs and requirements. Take advantage of our personalized training services tailored to meet your specific industry standards and regulations. We stand by our commitment to keep your employees well-equipped for maintaining a safe work environment.