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OSHA Fire Extinguisher Training Course

Course Description

OSHA requirements for employers regarding fire extinguishers are extensive. Employers must provide, mount, locate, and identify all portable fire extinguishers. What’s more, employers who do so must also provide training on how to properly use and deploy extinguishers. Employers must provide awareness training during employee orientation at initial employment and annually thereafter*.

Fire Extinguisher Training

*These OSHA standards represent the minimum requirements for educating and training your employees about fire safety including fire extinguishers.

Participants from your staff will receive hands on training that is compliant with the highest applicable standards.

Main objective: to equip individuals with the proficiency and competence required to act quickly and effectively in an active fire situation.

Our drive is to equip your workforce to prevent fires and minimize damage if a fire were to break out.

Benefits of Our Training

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Our extensive fire extinguisher safety training equips employees with the knowledge and skills needed to respond quickly and effectively to the threat of fire.

We ensure that participants receive formal and hands-on training compliant with applicable requirements. This keeps your organization compliant with regulations and helps avoid potential fines.

We equip your employees to protect your people in the event of a fire in the workplace. 

Having certified individuals at the workplace decreases the impact potential of devastating fires.

Employees who complete our qualified fire extinguisher training are equipped to protect your property and extinguish fires efficiently and effectively. 

Our hands-on virtual course instills confidence in your employees, allowing them to respond immediately to any fire crisis.

Knowing your staff is competent to handle fire hazards skillfully and safely affords you peace of mind.

Fire Extinguisher Training

While fire prevention is effective and well worth the effort, workplace fires can still occur. Any workplace fire, no matter the size, presents a veritable threat to employee well-being and worksite integrity. Even with strict diligence to regulatory compliance, a fire can happen almost anywhere the right conditions exist.

Fire extinguisher safety training provides your employees with the information they need to confidently react to a fire threat. It familiarizes them with fire safety and teaches them how to use a fire extinguisher properly. In addition, it equips your workforce to respond intuitively in the event of an emergency.

Why the Bullseye™ Digital Fire Extinguisher Training System

We have selected Lion’s Bullseye Digital Fire Extinguisher Training System after careful review of several zero-emissions training programs. Of the available options, we found it the most realistic, diverse, and 100% mobile training system on the market. Your employees will learn the general principles of fire safety while practicing putting out digital fires with hands on training. They will walk away from training confident and equipped to apply incipient stage fire fighting skills in any environment.

Digital Fire Extinguisher Training in Your Area

The Lion’s Bullseye™ Digital Fire Extinguisher Training System is an innovative solution designed to enhance fire safety training for individuals and organizations. This system utilizes cutting-edge technology to simulate realistic fire scenarios in a virtual environment. This innovation allows trainees to practice using fire extinguishers in a safe and controlled setting. The Bullseye system incorporates interactive elements and feedback mechanisms to provide users with immediate guidance and evaluation of their performance.

Fire Extinguisher Training

By replicating various fire types and extinguishing methods, the system ensures that trainees develop vital skills and confidence. Trainees who complete the program will be able to effectively respond to real-life fire emergencies.

Your employees gain first hand experience using a fire extinguisher to put out fires in a digital educational environment. Our trainer equips them to act quickly to protect your people and property before the damage becomes extensive.

Certification Info

Participants who complete all portions of training receive a course completion certificate.

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We understand each business has its own unique safety needs and requirements. Take advantage of our personalized training services tailored to meet your specific industry standards and regulations. We stand by our commitment to keep your employees well-equipped for maintaining a safe work environment.