International Trade


This course defines the boundaries between transparent operations and corrupt practices when dealing with foreign officials – as delineated in the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). The concepts of bribery, as well as of compliance, due diligence, oversight, internal controls, and transparent accounting will be discussed. The importance of having accounting policies that are consistently applied – including four recommended internal accounting controls – is emphasized in these lessons. Information about routine governmental actions and what these cover is also provided. Students should learn to spot certain “red flags” that signal the need for further scrutiny.

Import and Export

The importation and exportation of goods provides huge opportunities for profit and expansion for many companies, but are covered by various government regulations. This module presents a comprehensive syllabus or individual course offerings that cover: import and export controls, why these are so important, restricted items, factors affecting controls, different government agencies that manage export licensing transactions, violations of regulations and sanctions, the Licensing Review Process, deciding if you need a commercial export license, and the 5 steps of clearance.