HR Compliance

Employment Law Compliance

This category of courses include lessons in various legislation that apply to the workplace, such as those covering the following areas: sexual harassment, Americans with disabilities, wrongful termination, California AB1825, employee privacy, drugs in the workplace, workplace harassment, the Family Medical Leave Act, diversity, and others.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity provides for a richer workplace. Building a culture of openness and inclusion starts with managers. These courses lay down the foundation for a culture of acceptance in the areas diversity including: hiring, disability, gender, etc.

Harassment & Discrimination Prevention

The failure to create a culture of openness to diversity sometimes has the flipside of discrimination. These courses show the consequences of not putting in place such a culture: harassment, hostile work environment, illegal hiring policies, etc.

Employment and Workplace Issues

These courses on Employment and Workplace issues build an ethical culture of openness, accountability and vigilance that prevents escalation to bigger conflicts and misdemeanor. This category of courses cover a breadth of issues and scenarios including: business ethics, leadership, bullying, handling employee concerns, managing diversity, proper communication, conflict of interest, theft, bribery, harassment and discrimination, and others.

Employment Health and Safety

This subcategory of courses covers lessons on health and safety: prevention of injury, healthcare, safe working conditions, environmental management, ergonomics, control of hazardous energy, incident command in emergency situations, accident investigation and others.