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Anti Money Laundering and Financial Crime

Preventing Insider Trading (Comprehensive Course)

This course introduces the concept of insider trading. You will learn what constitutes insider trading and who is characterized as an ‘insider.’ This course will also shed light on the many negative effects of insider trading and how best a company can prevent this type of activity. This course also introduces the SEC’s laws for compliance in relation to insider trading. You will also learn about insider trading plans and the types of information they should include.

Hour: 1hrs Price: $50.00

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These courses provide critical learning to the student on how criminals – drug traffickers, terrorists, syndicates, insider dealers, tax evaders, etc – hide the proceeds of their activities through money laundering. This complicated process aims to place their ill-gotten profits beyond the reach of asset forfeiture laws. The Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime courses are part of the compliance education curriculum for many financial institutions tasked with policing their transactions and reporting suspicious activities to authorities.

Course NameCredit HoursPriceEnroll Now
Anti-Money Laundering – Advanced2 hrs$50.00Enroll Now
Anti-Money Laundering – General2 hrs$50.00Enroll Now
Anti-Money Laundering – Supervisors2 hrs$50.00Enroll Now
Anti-Money Laundering for Financial Professionals2 hrs$50.00Enroll Now
Anti-Money Laundering: Institutional Issues (Interactive)2 hrs$50.00Enroll Now
Preventing Insider Trading (Comprehensive Course)1 hrs$50.00Enroll Now
Preventing Insider Trading: Introduction to Insider Trading (Compliance Snapshot)1 hrs$50.00Enroll Now
Preventing Insider Trading: Laws, Compliance, Penalties (Compliance Snapshot)1 hrs$50.00Enroll Now