Active Shooter Workplace Violence

img1Workplace violence incidents can range from emotionally abusive behaviors to hostile acts of aggression that occur in the workplace. These incidents have the potential to create an environment of anxiety in the workplace, decrease employee morale, and reduce workplace productivity. This course will provide an overview of workplace violence, ways to recognize warning signs, and policies and processes that an organization can undertake in order to potentially prevent or respond to an incident involving workplace violence.

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Workplace Violence – $40.00
Course Objectives
  • Define workplace violence.
  • Identify a variety of types of workplace violence.
  • Identify several warning signs of potential workplace violence.
  • List a variety of workplace violence prevention strategies.
  • List both employee and managerial responsibilities with respect to reporting and responding to workplace violence.
  • Describe methods of post-incident recovery.
  • Describe best practices for responding to an active shooter scenario.
Course Outline

Lesson 1: What is Workplace Violence?

  • Workplace Violence Defined
  • Types of Workplace Violence
  • Workplace Violence Statistics
  • The Law and Workplace Violence

Lesson 2: Workplace Violence Triggers

  • Contributing Factors
  • Warning Signs
  • Profiles of a Potentially Violent Employee

Lesson 3: Workplace Violence Prevention Strategies

  • Introduction
  • Initiate a Top-Level Management Support
  • Develop a Written Workplace Violence Policy
  • Establish an Employee Assistance Program
  • Develop Training for Employees and Supervisors
  • Form an Incident Management Team
  • Conduct an Organizational Needs and Threat Assessment
  • Conduct Pre-Employment Screenings
  • Coordinate with Law Enforcement Agencies

Lesson 4: Responding to a Workplace Threat

  • Introduction
  • Initial Actions
  • Employee Responsibilities
  • Management Responsibilities

Lesson 5: Post-Incident Recovery

  • Introduction
  • Impacts of Workplace Violence
  • After-Action Reporting and Lessons Learned
  • Post-Incident Management

Lesson 6: The Active Shooter

  • Introduction
  • Actions for Employee Protection and Safety
  • Evacuation
  • Hideout
  • Respond
  • The Role of Law Enforcement

10 question Final Exam; 70%


1 hrs

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