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Compliance Services – Need Help with ISNetworld® RAVS®, PICS® Auditing, PEC Premier®, BROWZ®, Verifoce, ComplyWorks, Textura or Other Third-Party Auditor Safety Program Requirements? Omega Safety Training offers compliance services or contractor pre-qualification and verification services assistance. Our safety experts are knowledgeable in navigating these complex auditor requirements. We work hard for your business and we guarantee your satisfaction throughout this complex process.

Safety Compliance Auditors.
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We Provide Complete Account Management Service

The verification process can be a time-consuming and complex process for employers to manage. We help by getting your accounts setup, documents created until you are verified as compliant for that auditor.  We also offer a complete maintenance program and management of your account. Our safety experts will monitor your account and help you make the necessary adjustments to changes in the industry, policies and logs.

We do everything for you – creating and uploading your custom safety manuals, completing safety questionnaires, reviewing and submitting any required documentation. We start working on your account immediately, Our streamlined process will have you 100% compliant in no time. We manage the entire process end to end to ensure you a passing grade. We offer all this at a very low competitive price.

We are a small and dedicated team of expert safety consultants. We’ve perfected an efficient and streamlined process for compliance, and work our best to help your company attain safety compliance quickly and inexpensively. We take care of every part of the process, so you can get back to focusing on your business.

You’ll find our prices to be among the most competitive in the industry.

Safety Compliance Services

Free Phone Consultation
Custom Safety Manual Creation
Uploading All Documents
Completion of All Questionnaires
Total 100% Account Maintenance

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Do you need to outsource the management of your company’s ISNetworld® account? Our professional consultants are ready to provide a full maintenance service.

  • Contractor Pre-qualification
  • RAVS®, T-RAVS®, I-RAVS®, etc.
  • Account Maintenance
  • EMR Letter
  • OSHA 300 & 300a Logs
  • MSQs
  • Insurance Documentation
  • And Much More…

Are you going through the motions of a PICS audit? Need some help? Our experienced consultants are ready to help your company get the best possible PICS audit outcome.

  • DocuGUARD

  • AuditGUARD

  • InsureGUARD

  • EmployeeGUARD

  • Insurance Verification


Have contract that requires PEC Premier® compliance? Let us help with the management process.

  • SSQ

  • Document Upload *

  • Training Tracker *


The Browz Account Management Full Account Management Service includes:

  • Sure Qualify; We work with your team to accurately enter data and help your company realize the best possible Sure Qualify position.
  • Sure Workforce; Our consultants will collect your company’s training records and ensure that all employee training sessions are recorded. We also inform your company when training requirements are met, have changed, or when refresher courses are needed. There are other required data that is also tracked, inputted, and documented as needed for Browz Sure Workforce compliance.
  • Sure Audit; Clients or contractors frequently request access to the information contained in your Browz account. Our trained safety experts ensure that every audit is streamlined and that your organizational burden is reduced. We handle as much of the administrative tasks as possible, which typically includes safety management documentation such as EMR letters, OSHA 300 logs, etc.
  • Updates; Updates are required at least quarterly. Our service includes managing all the periodic and quarterly updates.
  • Miscellaneous; Some Browz requirements must be met like contractor specific questionnaires or acknowledgments. Our full-service team ensures that your account stays compliant.

How To Get Started

To get the ball rolling on getting your account set up or updated we just need to get some company information from you which takes about 5 minutes and your go ahead to get working on your account. We make this process as painless as possible for you so you can focus on keeping your clients happy. Talk with one of our friendly experts today. There is no obligation either so feel free to call with any questions you may have!

Omega Safety Training is an independently-owned company. Omega Safety Training is in no way endorsed, sponsored, approved by, or otherwise affiliated with ISNetworld®.*ISN®, ISNetworld®, and RAVS® are registered trademarks of ISN Software Corporation