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Front/top view of a motorboat with a man and woman and two small children in yellow life jackets speeding through the water.

8 Important Boating Safety Tips

Safe Boating Week is brought to us by the National Safe Boating Council, advocates for wearing life jackets and practicing safety during boating season.

Whether you’re fishing or out for a sunset cruise, please follow these safety tips next time you take the boat out.

Wear Your Life Jacket

Drowning is the reported cause of death in 80 percent of all boating fatalities – and 83 percent of drowning victims in recreational boating accidents were not wearing a life jacket in 2016. However, boaters that were “Saved by the Jacket” know that life jackets save lives. – National Safe Boating Council

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Make sure your life jacket is U.S. Coast Guard approved and fits you

A life jacket that is too large or too small can cause different situational problems.

Know the boating laws in your state

Rules and laws can differ from state to state and violations can result in ticketing, fines or jail time.

Take a boating safety course

Learn valuable tips that can help save your life in unexpected situations. Take this course for free:

“Only 13 percent of deaths occurred on boats where the operator had received boating safety instruction.” 

Check the weather

Know the rules of the water

Maintain safe speeds, look both ways, always keep an eye out for other boats, jet skis, paddlers, and swimmers. Find out more at

“Operator inattention, operator inexperience, improper lookout, excessive speed and machinery failure as the top five primary contributing factors in accidents.”

Don’t drink while you boat

Where the primary cause was known, alcohol was listed as the leading factor in 15 percent of deaths in 2016. Find out more at  

Keep communication lines open

Make sure you have at least two communication devices that will work when wet, like satellite phones or personal locator beacons. Your cell phone may not be reliable.

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Wear It infographic - Boat Responsibly: Wear a Life Jacket